Practice Areas

Eating Disorders

Healing your relationship with food and your body is possible. Eating disorders are about disconnection; Disconnection from identity, the body and emotions. Learn to reconnect. 


Adolescence is a time of learning who you are and building your identity. It is phase filled with the sense of endless potential and riddled with an equal amount of insecurities. Have the space to explore, embrace and challenge the different parts of yourself. 

Women's Issues

Women are supposed to manage it all and often times it is at the expense of themselves. Learn how to create enough space in your life to honor your wellbeing, embrace your multiple roles and empower your voice.


Transitions can be very exciting but they always bring some level of anxiety and loss. Whether you are transitioning in careers or becoming a parent, these changes alter identity and extra support can enable change to be a more positive, insightful experience. 


Reconnect with your partner by improving communication skills,  gaining insight and understanding into your relationship dynamics and learn to set healthy boundaries to create space for healing.

Grief and Loss

Grief has a way of stopping us in our tracks. Loss can also come in many different forms - physical loss, identity loss or emotional loss. Grief is unimaginably painful but healing comes from honoring the loss.