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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about coming to therapy? Rest assured, that is totally normal and luckily I have some answers.

How do I know if I can benefit from therapy?

From my perspective, therapy can be beneficial for anyone that is looking to build insight into their life or for those that may just be needing extra support due to some current challenges. I think it is really normal to feel anxious about going to see a therapist and concerned about having to "tell your story" but it can also provide a huge relief to have somewhere that you can say what you need to in a nonjudgemental space.

For couples and families, there is great value in examining the complexities of these relationships and learning communication strategies as well as boundary setting to enable you to engage more fully.

Therapy may entail difficult conversations and wrestling with big emotions but if it helps you live a more connected life then maybe that is worth it.

What is your clinical orientation or treatment approach?

My main theoretical lens is through Adlerian theory, which conceptualizes individuals as social beings who strive for connectedness. I utilize a client center approach that incorporates interventions from Narrative and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. In regards to the treatment of eating disorders, I believe nutritional restoration must be prioritized and incorporating evidence based treatment approaches such as DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) and FBT (Family Based Treatment). That being said, every client is different and an individualized treatment plan will be developed dependent on their particular needs.

For clients in recovery or seeing support for women's issues, I love to take a more feminist theory approach, which explores how cultural beliefs and messages have impacted our relationship with our body and beliefs about ourselves and look to find a more empowering narrative.

I believe therapy provides the most reparative process by providing a safe space that enables clients to show up authentically and feel seen and heard. I hope to meet you where you are and to understand what your individual goals are for therapy because everyone's needs are unique.

How do I know if you would be a good fit for me? Do you offer an initial consultation?

I do offer a complimentary, 15 min phone call to discuss why you are seeking therapy and to see if we are a good clinical fit. It is my goal to make sure that I am not only able to provide you the support you are looking for but also that you feel comfortable with me and that my style and personality are a good match for your needs. I understand choosing a therapist is a very personal decision that entails a lot of trust. Take some time to look through my website and see if my messaging speaks to you, if so, email or call me and we can discuss you needs more.

To schedule an initial consultation call, please use this link.

Do you take insurance?

I am not currently on any insurance panels but if you have a PPO insurance plan, I can provide you a Superbill for services provided that can be submitted to you insurance provider for reimbursement.

What is your fee?

My client fee is $200 for individual sessions (45 mins) in-person or via video telehealth and $240 for couple and family sessions (60 mins). I do have limited sliding scale slots based on financial need. I am happy to discuss my fees more in-depth during a consultation call and to see what will work best for your individual needs.

How frequent are sessions?

Sessions are typically held weekly. In some situations when a client is needing more support, we may increase sessions to 2x weekly. Clients also occasionally need to come in less frequently. I typically recommend to plan on coming in weekly for at least the first month to allow us to build a therapeutic relationship and rapport and then we can look at tapering sessions to bi-weekly as clinically appropriate.

How long will I need to be in therapy?

Therapy can either be short term or long term depending on the needs of the individual. I am happy to discuss your needs with you more in-depth during an initial consultation call to give you an idea of what I would tentatively recommend. I believe there are issues that bring people into therapy that can effectively be addressed within short term therapy (less than 12 sessions), however, more systemic or complex issues do typically need a longer commitment to therapy. I do believe therapy is your time and the treatment plan is a collaborative effort. I want my clients to be empowered to express what they feel their needs are and what type of ongoing support they are needing.

Interested in setting up an initial consultation call, please use this link.

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