Mamas Body Image Group

Mother and Baby in Autumn_edited.jpg

Join us for professional support and community as we

explore the physical & emotional changes and identity

shifts that come with motherhood.


Tuesdays from 11:00am-12noon

Cost: $35 per group

*Please register 48hrs in advance

Babies are welcome.

Location: 16885 W Bernardo Drive, Ste 121

San Diego, CA 92127

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Wondering if this group is for you? Mom life comes with a LOT of stressors. Less sleep, more anxiety, relationship strain and significant changes to the body and identity and on top of all of that is seems like the whole world is focused on your body. This group is focused on providing a safe space to explore these real mom life struggles and to learn to be more gentle with yourself and your body. You are literally carrying out miracles by creating and/or taking care of little people and sometimes you need a little self-love too. 

Group therapy offers a unique setting that nurtures healing relationships and allows group members to learn and relate to one another. This group is an unstructured process group. We will be exploring topics and themes most pertinent to the groups needs. Skills will be incorporated as appropriate and needed. 

 This group will be offering you an opportunity to: 

  • Build relationships & find support. 

  • Build a Body Positive attitude. 

  • Be in a space that counters diet culture. 

  • Heal your relationship with your body and develop a more positive narrative around how the body is experienced. 

  • Identify techniques for self-care. 

  • Discuss ways to facilitate a positive relationship with food and bodies for the whole family and little ones. 

This group welcomes ALL mamas-natural, adoptive, surrogate, mommas of angels. If you identify as a mama, you are welcome here.